Kickboxing title shot aim for Skirlaugh's Paul Regan

SKIRLAUGH kickboxer Paul Regan hopes to add either the British or English title to his collection by the end of the year.

The 26-year-old, who won silver and bronze medals at the unified World Championships in Italy last October, is already in training to make sure he is in the best shape possible.

"I'm always in training to keep myself fit," Regan told the Mail.

"Which fight I take part in depends on when the shows fall.

"They fall every six months and it depends on which one I choose.

"It would probably be better to go for the English title and then aim for the British title.

"The ICO English title fight would be at 69.5kgs,while the ISKA British title would be at 72.5kgs.

"The English title fight is something I've thought about for a while now and it should be a good fight against somebody with a similar record to myself."

Regan, who continues to combine his kickboxing career with his passion for skateboarding, hopes to use his kickboxing skills to keep the local police force fit and healthy.

"I hope to offer training for the police and other organisations," Regan said.

"They already do a lot of boxing as part of their training and I feel kickboxing will help them achieve more. The police have fitness checks every six months and kickboxing will provide more of a test for them.

"Kickboxing training is something I already do. I offer one-on-one training for small groups of children and for others who don't have the confidence of going to a gym.

"I want people to know there are other activities available to them than the normal sports."

Regan has to fit his kickboxing career around his skateboarding.

With a summer trip to Los Angeles planned, Regan wants to use his skills to get others to switch off their game consoles and try something outdoors.

"I've rebranded my skateboarding school," Regan said.

"I'm now sponsoring more kids to help keep them active through skateboarding. I am working with schools as part of a structured P.E. replacement class.

"I go to Los Angeles a couple of times a year.

"It's like my second home and shows what can be achieved if you work hard enough at it."

Plans approved for homes and play area to transform village

PLANS have been approved for a development that will transform a village on the edge of Hull.

The Crown Estate has been given the go-ahead to develop 87 new homes in Skirlaugh.

Relatively few concerns, beyond some worries about traffic and infrastructure, have been raised about the homes on land next to Benninghome Lane playing field.

The main fear is about the proposal to add a new play area.

Skirlaugh Parish Council chairman Terry Frost said: "Our main objection is that it could well be divisive as it was planned to be about 20 metres from the existing play area.

"Who would arrange for the annual inspection? Who would clean it? Who would repair it? Who would do the weekly safety checks?"

Councillor Frost said both Skirlaugh Parish Council and Skirlaugh Playing Fields Committee would prefer to have improvements made to the existing play area.

East Riding Council planning committee voted to defer the application subject to a satisfactory agreement on the play area and other matters.

Effectively, it has been approved. The bid will simply be approved by officers, without having to go back to councillors. But, before that, the applicant will have to agree a sum of money for development of the existing play area.

The idea is for the development to include a play area for young children but for the developer to also make a contribution to facilities for older youngsters and adults.

The agreement will also include details and costs for how the applicant will improve roads linking to the planned site.

Steve Melligan, Crown Estate's strategic land manager, said: "We are extremely pleased with East Riding planning committee's decision to approve our plans for Skirlaugh.

"The development will meet an identified housing need and enhance recreational facilities for the wider community."

Annual Skirlaugh Parish Council Meeting 2013

The Annual Parish meeting for Skirlaugh village will be held in the small room of Skirlaugh Village hall on Wednesday 1st May 2013 at 7.00 p.m.
Reports will be read regarding the activities of Skirlaugh Parish Council, Skirlaugh Village Hall and Skirlaugh Playing Fields Association for the past year.
All Skirlaugh villagers are welcome to attend.

87 New Homes Approved for Skirlaugh

The Crown Estate has been given the go ahead to develop new homes for the village of Skirlaugh, in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The site is located on land north and west of Benninghome Lane playing field, Skirlaugh, and will deliver 87 new detached and semi-detached homes, a proportion of which will be affordable. The development also includes a children's play area and new public open space, accounting for 45 per cent of the development site.

The development will provide a significant boost to the local economy and support the viability of local shops and services.

Steve Melligan, Strategic Land Manager said: "We are extremely pleased with East Riding planning committee's decision to approve our plans for Skirlaugh. The development will meet an identified housing need and enhance recreational facilities for the wider community. The scheme will also offer a real boost for the local economy. We will now be working hard to deliver this scheme and its associated benefits."

The approval is subject to the finalisation of the s106 agreement between The Crown Estate and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Crown Planning Application for 87 Dwellings

It has been reported in the Hull Daily Mail that 87 new homes are to be built on the Skirlaugh Playing Field, this is factually incorrect and the playing field will be left untouched. Further information about the plans that have been submitted can be found here by visiting this link Crown Plans Link

Skirlaugh Post Office Shutdown Continues

Skirlaugh Post Office continues to have major problems in its online computer systems and Nick Taylor - External Relations Manager at the Royal Mail group has this to say

"We are currently working to rectify a temporary fault with our computer system which prevents us completing online transactions at Skirlaugh Post Office. We are doing all we can to restore services as quickly as possible and regret any inconvenience caused. Post Office Ltd would like to apologise to those customers affected."

Since an planned upgrade forced upon Skirlaugh Postal office two weeks ago systems have been plagued with software issues, so much so its taking 15 minutes to sell a 1st Class stamp. Staff at the Costcutter Store are so fed up with the problems are hoping the systems are sorted sooner rather than later.

Warning to Residents about Council Tax Valuation

Residents are being warned not to be taken in by a company offering council tax rebates.

The trading standards service at East Riding of Yorkshire Council has had several reports of a company from outside the area which has been telling residents they are in the wrong council tax band.

A substantial refund is promised to residents by the company, which claims the tax banding has been wrong since 1993.

Complaints received by the trading standards service indicate the company are operating in a number of different ways which include putting leaflets through doors, handing them out in the street and sometimes telephoning people at home.

All the methods employed imply that many properties in the area have been overvalued and are thus entitled to have their council tax banding lowered and claim a refund on the overpaid tax.

Once a resident has indicated to the company that they are interested, the company arranges a personal visit which has a catch, property owners are told that in order for the refund to be claimed they must pay the company an up front fee of as much as £165 and agree to pay commission amounting to as much as a quarter of any refund to the company.

It is claimed that the up front fee is refundable in the event that the revaluation claim is unsuccessful. However, Trading Standards have had complaints from residents who have been unable to claim their money back.

Colin Briggs, trading standards manager for East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “Property owners who are approached unexpectedly over their council tax valuation must simply say no. By far the majority of properties are, despite the claims of this company, in the correct banding.

“If a taxpayer believes that they are in the wrong band, then all they have to do is contact the Valuation Office Agency and explain why they think it is incorrect.
If the VOA agrees that the band is incorrect, it will change it. There is no charge for this service.”

Anyone who requires further advice or wishes to report any similar activity within the East Riding Of Yorkshire is urged to contact Consumer Direct 08454 04 05 06.

To contact the Valuation Office Agency for the East Riding of Yorkshire area call 03000 503233 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or write to Valuation Office Agency, King William House, Market Place, Hull, HU1 1RT.

Multi Car Crash near Council Offices

Around 8:45am several vehicles collided on the A165 at Skirlaugh near to the East Riding Council Offices. Police are in attendance.

A165 Skirlaugh to Coniston Closed

The A165 between Coniston and Skirlaugh was closed this afternoon while recovery of a tractor Trailer unit carrying Chickens was recovered, road now open but delays remain.