Kickboxing title shot aim for Skirlaugh's Paul Regan

SKIRLAUGH kickboxer Paul Regan hopes to add either the British or English title to his collection by the end of the year.

The 26-year-old, who won silver and bronze medals at the unified World Championships in Italy last October, is already in training to make sure he is in the best shape possible.

"I'm always in training to keep myself fit," Regan told the Mail.

"Which fight I take part in depends on when the shows fall.

"They fall every six months and it depends on which one I choose.

"It would probably be better to go for the English title and then aim for the British title.

"The ICO English title fight would be at 69.5kgs,while the ISKA British title would be at 72.5kgs.

"The English title fight is something I've thought about for a while now and it should be a good fight against somebody with a similar record to myself."

Regan, who continues to combine his kickboxing career with his passion for skateboarding, hopes to use his kickboxing skills to keep the local police force fit and healthy.

"I hope to offer training for the police and other organisations," Regan said.

"They already do a lot of boxing as part of their training and I feel kickboxing will help them achieve more. The police have fitness checks every six months and kickboxing will provide more of a test for them.

"Kickboxing training is something I already do. I offer one-on-one training for small groups of children and for others who don't have the confidence of going to a gym.

"I want people to know there are other activities available to them than the normal sports."

Regan has to fit his kickboxing career around his skateboarding.

With a summer trip to Los Angeles planned, Regan wants to use his skills to get others to switch off their game consoles and try something outdoors.

"I've rebranded my skateboarding school," Regan said.

"I'm now sponsoring more kids to help keep them active through skateboarding. I am working with schools as part of a structured P.E. replacement class.

"I go to Los Angeles a couple of times a year.

"It's like my second home and shows what can be achieved if you work hard enough at it."