A165, Skirlaugh Road Repairs to Start

Areas of the A165 recently resurfaced at Coniston and Skirlaugh unfortunately have shown signs of premature wear/defects and therefore have failed to meet the required standard. The contractor is due to return to replace the surface under the terms of the guarantee, at no cost to the Council.

The work is planned to take place throughout the week commencing Monday 11th October 2010 starting at the section South of Skirlaugh before moving on to Coniston. Daytime working hours will be restricted 9.15am - 3.15pm to minimise disruption to public and commercial transport, school buses and road users in general. It is possible for some night working or for work to continue beyond that week should additional work be required or there be weather delays.

Should anyone know of any issues or events that could affect the programme date, please contact myself, James Sissons (01482 395644) or Mark Waterson (01482 395637) so that we may take them into account when planning the works.