RTC A165, Main Road Skirlaugh

Police attended the scene of a road traffic accident involving one car which had overturned after losing control of the vehicle just north of Skirlaugh, approx half mile. The driver was released out the car by passers by, the scene was attended by paramedics. The Road is partially blocked between Long Riston and Skirlaugh. The driver was treated at the scene.

Skirlaugh Parish Plan Meeting

A meeting is to be held to discuss the formation of a Parish Plan committee.

The meeting is open to all parishioners to learn about the function of a Village Parish Plan and how it can affect the future of Skirlaugh and how it has been used to good effect in other East Riding villages.

Housing, NHS, local sport and community groups could all be affected in the future, and the Parish Plan is a structured document which will lay down guidelines for the future development of Skirlaugh.

For the Parish Plan to be successful Skirlaugh needs the involvement of community members so as to cover all aspects of the village and village life.
The project us supported by Humber & Wolds Rural Community Council who will address the meeting and give full details and explanations.

Skirlaugh Parish Council has started this initiative and Councillors Edward Atkinson and Richard Corden are initially overseeing the Parish Plan in the hope of setting up a Parish Plan committee.

The Parish Plan committee will be a separate organisation to Skirlaugh Parish Council, although it is expected that both the Parish Plan committee and Parish Council will work closely together.

If you are interested in being part of the Parish Plan, please come to the meeting on the 15th July in the Village Hall 7pm

Further details can be obtained from Richard Corden via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available during the meeting in the village hall.

We look forward to seeing you there

Fire In Goldie Woods

The village website has learned several youths setting fire to various objects in the Woods around 2:30pm today, details have been passed on to the police, the incident number is 543 of today's date 6th June 2010, anyone with information should contact police on 0845 60 60 222 and quote 543. Police will be following this up as the youths where seen lighting the fire concerned.

Blue Bin Text Message Service

On the recent mailing from East Riding Council regarding the change in Blue Bin Collections an error has been made, the code to get Text alerts is "Blue 14" and NOT Blue 11 as stated. Any problems to this call the East Riding Council 01482 393939.

Blue Bin Recycling Collections Changed

Collections of the Blue Bin for Recycling have now changed, starting 17th May 2010. If you have not received your new timetable then visit our webpage as this has now being updated. The Council offers a text alert system to give you a reminder the night before to subscribe , send a text to 07786 200401 using the code "Blue 14" Please note on the calender there is two codes please use the "Blue 14" as the other is a error.

Skirlaugh Post Office Back On Line

Thank you to all our customers for their support and patience over the three weeks it took to get the Post Office trading back to normal. A special thank you to the many customers who called the Post Office helpline. Also Richard Corden and Terry Frost of the Parish Council who made numerous calls to different organisations to highlight the problem, thank you.

The problem was caused by an upgrade of the Horizon computer system the Post Office operates on. This is a major IT project Post Office Ltd and Fujitsu are rolling out to all Post Offices in the near future.

The changes to the system should allow, in the long term, a better service to customers.

I do understand how frustrating it has been not being able to draw money, post letters and parcels, do vehicle taxing and the many other services the Post Office has to offer.

Thank you for not giving up on us.

In the eleven years of being the Postmaster at Skirlaugh I have seen many changes to the services offered at the Post Office. Hopefully the changes to the system will strengthen our position and continue to make Skirlaugh Post Office a viable, busy and important part of the community.

None of the above could have been achieved without your support and the support of the staff over the years.

Lastly thank you to Sue, Verity and Jane who also have had a very stressful three weeks. Their knowledge of IT is now second to none!

Thank you all once again.
Steve Thompson

Skirlaugh Post Office Problems

Due to a recent upgrade in the Post Office software, Skirlaugh Post Office is currently not able to trade, staff at the Post Office are awaiting further upgrades to be able run the systems.

We have contacted the Post Office and awaiting a response form them.

Skirlaugh Post Office Replay to Problems

"There was a technical problem with the computer system at Skirlaugh Post Office this morning but the issue was quickly resolved and the branch should now be operating normally. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to customers by this temporary disruption to service."