Repairs To The Road Surface, A165 Skirlaugh

Emergency repairs to the newly laid road surface are due to take place this coming Saturday 20th March 2010 from 8am to 6pm.

The new road surface has failed to meet the standards required and any work will be undertaken at the contractors’ expense under the normal guarantee. The remaining surface will be monitored for defects and further work may be required in the future.

Due to the restricted width of the road and to undertake the work safely it will be necessary to employ a convoy traffic management system to regulate the speed of vehicles through the works. This system can cause delays and this may be the case during the resurfacing operation.

Should you have any questions or require further information please contact the Project engineer Jeff Taylor on 01482 395504 or the above mobile number. (Email: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Should he be unobtainable you may wish to contact Mark Waterson on 01482 395637. To discuss access or work related matters, you may wish to contact the contractor’s representative, Chris Moody (mobile:- 07885 135439).

Electricity Problems

It is understood that there has been no Electricity to the North side of the village today, The loss of power was from around 9:45am to 4:45pm. We also understand telephone lines during this time where cut by the electricity company.

Vacancy At Skirlaugh Parish Council

There is a vacancy on the above Council caused by the resignation of Cllr. A. Conlon.

A bye-election to fill the vacancy will be held if by 1st April 2010 ten electors for the parish give notice in writing to the Chief Executive of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council at County Hall, Beverley, HU17 9BA claiming such an election.

If no such notice is given the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

Deal Or No Deal For Skirlaugh Resident

Shelly Nicholson, Skirlaugh Resident hits the TV screens with Deal or No Deal, watch her on the box to see how much she won!

Click Here **Link will only last 30 days from 18th January 2010

Shell's Deal or No Deal Game Report 18/01/10

Noel welcomes us to a new week in the Dream Factory, but he says it comes with a major warning to not let the Banker know about any phobias like Chris did yesterday when she revealed she didn't like mice!

Shell has box 19 today. Noel asks Shell if they should turf the walk of wealth as she has a turf business. Shell shows a picture of her granddad, and has his fork that he used all his life from his army days, we also see a picture of her 3 sons. Noel asks if her sons have given her advice for the show, but they haven't really, although she has sort of promised them some things.

Round 1
1 - £10 Matt
5 - £250,000 Dave
Ben next, and Noel says he is the worst pun/joke teller they have ever had, and Ben says he will try and 'Turf' out a little one now
10 - £250 Ben
11 - £100,000 Yaser
8 - £750 Nat

Banker time
Shell says there is still a figure on the board that she hopes to go home with, and she agrees to write the figure in Noel's book. The Banker thinks it would be a good idea to turf the Dream Factory as Noel also looks like he is wearing a rug on his head!

Banker's offer:

Shell says there is still a figure on the board that she hopes to go home with, and she agrees to write the figure in Noel's book. The Banker thinks it would be a good idea to turf the Dream Factory as Noel also looks like he is wearing a rug on his head!

Banker's offer:

Shell says

Round 2
2 - £5,000 Courtney
15 - £50 Tracey
Noel gets Shell to introduce the family members she has in the audience for support today.
20 - £5 Jean

Banker time
The Banker doesn't think Shell will destroy his power 5

Banker's offer:

Shell says

Round 3
14 - £100 Becca
3 - £15,000 Al
12 - £1,000 Mark

Banker time
The Banker says that Shell is creeping towards her 'Freedom money', and she is impressing him with the way she is adjusting her game to the board.

Banker's offer:

Shell talks about how in their lawn care business they have to stash away money in the winter when the business is slow, a bit like a squirrel does with nuts, and that offer is a lot of nuts!

Shell says

Round 4
21 - £20,000 Laura
9 - £10,000 Glenda
18 - 1p Debbie

Banker time
The Banker says that last box does change things and he was quite happy until that box.

Banker's offer:

Shell says it is a nice amount of money, and her husband says there are some nicer amounts on the board. Shell says her biggest regret would be if she dealt and there was a big amount in her box.

Shell says

Round 5
7 - 10p Justin
A perfect start says Noel, and wonders if Shell could do the perfect thing at the perfect time.
16 - 50p Mo
Yes, in the right order says Noel.
17 - £3,000 Dawn

Banker time
That is a pretty good turnaround says Noel, and Shell writes what she thinks the Banker will offer now in Noel's book. The Banker says if Shell plays on she will end up with a big red and a low blue.

Banker's offer:

Shell says that the amount she was looking for is still on the board, and says that the £10,000 that she wrote in the book that she thought she would win is gone now. The Banker calls back and says that if Shell played on and was left with £1 and £75,000 he would offer £10,000! Shell says that she thinks as she has 3 above the offer she should play on, and then runs through what she could end up with in her box should she play on and how she would feel.

Shell says

Round 6
6 - £500 Tom
22 - £35,000 Harold
This is now a massive moment in Shell's life says Noel. Noel says the Banker was going to offer £10,000 if Shell was left with £1 and £75,000, or £61,000 if Shell was left with £50,000 and £75,000
13 - £75,000 Newbie Chris

Banker time with £1 and £50,000 remaining

The Banker says that Shell has been brave.

Banker's offer:

Very quickly Shell says

The Banker calls back, and Shell says that she thinks Joyce with 4 has the £1

The Banker offers the SWAP

Shell says

Noel opens box 19 and reveals £50,000

Joyce with box 4 contains the £1

Shell says this all feels surreal, and this is really going to help her and her family

Flood Watch

A Flood Watch has been issued for the Holderness Area including Including Carnaby, Barmston, Hornsea, Skirlaugh, Burton Pidsea, Hedon, Burstwick, Thorngumbald, Keyingham, Saltend, Patrington, Skeffling, Sunk Island and Kilnsea. area. Flooding of low-lying land and roads is expected. Be aware. Be prepared. Watch out!

The area of concern is Burstwick Drain as high tides are preventing full drainage of the system. Levels will remain high throughout today and tomorrow however no further heavy rainfall is forcast.

The Environment Agency advises you to act now:

- Ring Floodline on 0845 988 1188 for up to date flooding information, quickdial code; 138406
- Tune in to weather and travel bulletins
- Keep a watch on the weather and water levels
- Tell your family, friends and neighbours
- Drive carefully – roads may be flooded
- Farmers – check livestock
- Check availability of torches and batteries
- Be aware of the possibility of further flooding
- Be aware – be prepared – watch out!
- Find more information at

Above all – be careful. The Environment Agency cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injuries, or losses, financial or otherwise, which occur as a result of this email. Forecasts cannot be guaranteed.

Other Information:
National Flood Forum

General Snow and Ice Advice

General Advice on Snow and Ice

To keep warm and well during periods of cold weather:
• Keep curtains drawn and doors closed to block out draughts.
• Have regular hot drinks and at least one hot meal a day if possible. Eating regularly helps keep energy levels up during winter.
• Wear several light layers of warm clothes (rather than one chunky layer).
• Keep as active as possible.
• Wrap up warm if you need to go outside on cold days.
Keep your home at the recommended temperature of 18 to 21°C (64 to 70°F). If you can’t heat all the rooms you use, heat the living room during the day and the bedroom just before you go to sleep.
Icy conditions
Icy pavements and roads can very slippery. Take extra care if you go out and wear boots or shoes with good grip on the soles. The Met Office advises putting grit or cat litter on paths and driveways to lessen the risk of slipping.
Bear in mind that black ice on pavements or roads might not be clearly visible, and that compacted snow may turn to ice and become slippery.
Look out for others
Check up on friends, relatives and neighbours who may be more vulnerable to cold weather. Cold weather is especially dangerous for older people or people with serious illnesses, so check up on them if you can.
People with heart or respiratory (breathing) problems may have worse symptoms during a cold spell and for several days after temperatures return to normal.
Travel Arrangements

In difficult conditions, don’t drive unless you absolutely need to. If you have to travel, there are some precautions you can take.

• Carry a car kit in your vehicle – mobile phone and car charger kit, your personal emergency contact list, first aid kit, warm, waterproof clothes and footwear, blanket, food, water, torch (with spare batteries) and a spade – in case you are stranded in heavy snow.
• Inform a family member or friend of your intended travel arrangements and expected arrival time.
• Check wipers and lights work properly.
• It is better to wear several layers of clothing to maintain body heat, rather than one thick layer.
• Wear a hat - up to half of your body heat is lost through your head.
• Check on older friends and neighbours, ensuring they are warm and safe.
• Watch out for signs of hypothermia – uncontrollable shivering, slow or slurred speech, drowsiness and memory lapse.

If you get stuck in the snow:

• Switch on your hazard warning lights.
• Move slowly backwards and forwards out of the rut using the highest gear you can.
• Do not leave the vehicle unless you are in sight of a suitable destination.
• Let help come to you.

For information on the effects of this incident on rail travel, call the National Rail Enquiries line on: 08457 484950.

For information on the effects of this incident on buses, call Buscall - 01482 22 22 22 (open 0800 to 2000 hours daily).

Other Key Contacts

East Riding of Yorkshire Council
(01482) 393939

Electricity (24 hour emergency
service and supply failures only)
0845 733 1331

Gas (24 hour emergency service
and gas escapes)
0800 111 999

Yorkshire Water
(24 hour emergency service)
0845 124 24 24

Fire and Rescue
(non emergency)
(01482) 565333

Maritime and Coastguard Agency
(01262) 672317

(non emergency)

NHS Direct
0845 4647

"Faulty Material" blamed for Skirlaugh's crumbling roads are dug up for repairs... Again!

Motorists face disruption after defective materials caused roads across the East Riding to crumble, up to 20 roads may have been laid with the faulty surface, according to East Riding Council.

The authority has ordered contractors to dig up and repair eight roads after numerous potholes appeared within months of the repairs taking place.

Those affected include the A165, the major traffic artery from Hull to Bridlington including Skirlaugh, and roads in Beverley, Driffield, Hessle, Cottingham and Wansford.

And the region could face even greater disruption as officials warn they cannot rule out potential future problems at 12 other sites.

The council stressed work will be carried out at no further cost to the taxpayer, with contractors picking up the bill.

Officials say they became aware that a plant, which supplies six of its roadwork contractors, had provided defective batches of the material.

Peter Arden, principal engineer for East Riding Council, said: "The council has inspected 20 roads that contractors used the same type of material on. Nine were found to be defective.

"The surface of the roads has been crumbling and not staying bound together, which has caused potholes.

"It is possible, but not probable that the other roads will have to be redone.

"We will be keeping a close eye on the rest."

Mr Arden believes a contaminate entered the mixture during production.

"What we think is the problem is that some other material has got into the mixture in some batches," he explained.

The council says it will try to plan the work for Sundays to minimise disruption.

Last month, drivers were disrupted when three roads in Hessle had to be re-laid.

King Street in Cottingham was re-surfaced in April.

The council has not yet set a date for work on the A165 in Coniston and Skirlaugh, the B1249 in Wansford and the junction of George Street/Lockwood Street and Middle Street South in Driffield.

The council already has a £194 million backlog of repairs for its 2,000-mile road network.

Jeff Atkin, of Beverley and District Taxi Association, said the East Riding is riddled with potholes.

He said: "Customers often complain about bumpy rides caused by the potholes.

"They can damage your car but as a keen cyclist, I'm most concerned about the danger they pose.

"The roadworks will cause disruption, even if they take place on a Sunday, but it has to be done."

Malcolm Simms, director of Asphalt Industry Alliance, said the defective material should not have left the plant in the first place.

He said: "European factory control requirements mean that the problem with material should have been caught before it left the plant.

"It would have saved a lot of money and effort."

A safety inspection of the highways in March found a significant increase in the level of structural defects. The number of potholes was almost double that seen the previous winter.

In May, the council announced a further £2.6 million is to be spent repairing East Riding roads damaged by the winter freeze.

The extra funding is in addition to £1 million from the Department Of Transport to help deal with the winter damage

This takes the total being spent on planned maintenance this year to £12 million.

Officials have said they will target the extra spending on roads damaged the worst.

A spokesperson for the AA said the remedial work should ideally be completed before the winter:

He said: "Although it may be an absolute pain for motorists by causing them disruption, it's the best option that the council acts sooner rather than later."