The Duke of York Closes

It has seen many landlords and landladies over the past 6 or 7 years but what now for the Duke, once again its closed as there is no one to run it.

ThisisSkirlaugh today emailed Enterprise inns to ask what is going on regarding the Pub and will it open its doors again. It is claimed that the rent is too high and the support promised by Enterprise Inns never happens, We now await a reply to the email regarding the Duke.

UPDATE: No reply was received.

Skirlaugh Motorist Escapes Injury

A teenage driver suffered minor injuries in a two-car collision.
Police said the 19-year-old male driver of a Vauxhall Nova damaged his right shoulder in the collision with a Rover 25. The driver of the Rover, a 26-year-old woman from Skirlaugh, was uninjured. The accident happened just after 4pm on Thursday in Meaux Lane, Wawne. Police said the Rover 25 was travelling away from Wawne when a collision happened 100 yards outside the village. The Vauxhall Nova was travelling in the opposite direction.
Anyone with information about the collision is asked to call police on 0845 6060222.

Man Is Injured In Motorbike Accident

A 44-year-old man injured his leg and shoulder when he fell off his motorbike while riding along the A165 Skirlaugh Road at 12.46pm yesterday. Paramedics treated the man at the scene and he was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary.
The cause of the accident is not yet known.

Smells So Bad I Can't Go Out

Residents in an East Riding village have been kicking up a stink over strong smells from a nearby stream. Jane Kemp, from Vicarage Lane in Skirlaugh, is just one person who has had to hold her nose due to the odour of sewage and pig slurry rising from the Lambwath Drain which runs at the back of her garden. Mrs Kemp said the stench has been so powerful she has had to keep her doors and windows closed and stay inside. She said she has not been able to hang her washing out or potter about in the garden because the smell is sickening.
Today the Environment Agency revealed the cause of the smell from the stream, which runs from Aldborough to Withernsea, is the weather. Mrs Kemp said: "It's been awful since last Friday afternoon - everybody's been complaining about it.
"I have rung the water board and the Environment Agency to try to find out about it. "The smell has been so bad I've had to close the windows and keep indoors. "I can't even bear to go outside in the garden it's so bad." A spokesman for the Environment Agency said the recent deluge of rain and warm temperatures are to blame. The spokesman said: "The heavy rain has led to an increase in run-off from fields. Agency officers have been monitoring the situation over several days after a member of the public reported the Lambwath Drain was black and smelly. "This has been due to silage and other pollution coming from the fields mixed with sewer overflows due to the heavy rain."

Resident Idol

Mixing behind the scenes of Foxy and Toms Big Bash was 16-year-old Jodie Mann, from Skirlaugh. Jodie, who has cerebral palsy, met Pop Idol's Roxanne Cooper as she mingled with star spotters. Jodie's mum Gina, 58, said: "She's had a lovely time, Jodie loves music and tonight has been brilliant because she loves to see everyone." Roxanne added: "I'm excited to be here and it was lovely to meet Jodie."

BT Broadband Plans

British Telecom have planned roll out to Skirlaugh on the 16th of March next year around. KC a local company have already installed Broadband to the village a few months ago.

FlexiBus Helps Locals

Passengers have started to use a new bus service linking outlying Holderness villages.
From this week, the East Riding Flexibus will serve 18 parishes, providing links with Hedon and Beverley. Transport officials hope more people in isolated parts of the region will make use of the service. The Holderness Flexibus is wheelchair- accessible and is operated by John Teal Coaches of Hutton Cranswick, which also operates the successful Driffield Flexibus.
Leaflets to promote the service are being distributed to all the parishes concerned and are also available in East Riding Council's customer service centres, post offices, shops and on the vehicle itself.
The dial-a-ride service allows passengers to pre-book seats.
If a reservation is received from a so-called "Flex" village, the bus will divert from its main route to collect passengers.
Should no booking be received from those parishes, the vehicle will stay on its normal route.
Flexibus will run from Beverley bus station to Paull, Hedon, Preston, Burton Pidsea, Elstronwick, Lelley, Humbleton, Flinton, Sproatley, Bilton, Ganstead, Coniston, Burton Constable, Old Ellerby, New Ellerby, Thirtleby, Swine and Skirlaugh.
The service will provide five journeys from Hedon to Beverley and five trips in the opposite direction from Monday to Saturday.
To use Flexibus, passengers should ring 08456 44 59 49 between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, to reserve their seat.

Enterprise Inns Decline to Comment

Today Enterprise Inns declined to comment on the recent events regarding the Duke of York Public house. An email was sent to themselves to try and get some answers on the closure for the second time in as many years of the Pub. The email was returned unread and deleted. This just goes to show that Enterprise Inns don't really give any regard for anything apart from making money. We now ask Enterprise Inns to come forward and make an announcement to the people of Skirlaugh as they deserve better.