Fire Crews Deal With Straw Blaze

Firefighters have dealt with two separate straw fires in the East Riding.
Crews were called to a barn fire in Skirlaugh, where 1000 bales of straw were ablaze at 8.53pm last night.

And firefighters were also sent to Warter, close to Pocklington where 200 bales were on fire at 8.43pm.

Both fires are allowed to burn out while crews remained on standby.

Skirlaugh Power Cut

Today saw yet another power cut to HU11 4 and HU11 5 postcodes which includes Skirlaugh, a problem at Western Gales Way HU8 forced CE Electric to shut off power for around an hour from 4:30PM until 5PM.

Loss of Water Supply

Skirlaugh is currently without a water supply, this is due to a burst water main on Ganstead Lane, water is now being sourced elsewhere to refil our pipes. Yorkshire Water are working towards fixing and getting our supply back to normal.

If you have any problems call Yorkshire Water on 0845 1 24 24 24

Police Issue Taxi Advice After Plate Stolen

TAXI travellers are being urged to stay safe after the theft of a licence plate in Skirlaugh.
Humberside Police issued the warning after the plate – carrying the number 704 – was stolen from a taxi the weekend before Christmas

Officers are advising people to make sure the taxi registration matches the number plate before getting into any vehicle.
A spokeswoman for the force said: "Throughout the year we would urge people to follow our straightforward advice to help them stay safe.
"If the taxi driver is genuine, following the advice will not cause offence."

It is estimated people spend about £21m each year on taxi fares in the Hull area – which equates to about 5.2 million journeys.
The advice includes:
Never get into a vehicle that does not display an appropriate plate at the rear. It may not be insured or licensed.
Make sure the driver is displaying an approved badge. Only drivers licensed by the council can drive licensed private hire vehicles or hackney carriages.
The vehicle and the driver should be presentable and they must carry evidence of the licence in a visible position.
Taxi drivers will wear a badge that includes their photograph and driver licence number.
The spokeswoman advised people to use well-known firms when travelling.
She said: "Make sure you have the telephone number of the taxi company you have booked with on you.
"When the taxi arrives, ask the name of the person the driver is to collect, as well as his name and company.
"Do not get into a taxi you have not asked for."
If anyone has information about the stolen licence plate, which has not yet been recovered, they are asked to call police on 0845 6060222 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Firefighters Tackle Skirlaugh Bunaglow Blaze

FIRE crews from East Hull and Preston fire stations who were called to a home in Skirlaugh arrived on scene to find a bungalow heavily alight.
Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used a main water jet and a hosereel to fight the fire and stop it spreading to adjacent properties in Langdale Villas.

Once extinguished, crews used a PPV fan to force smoke out of the bungalow involved in fire and the neighbouring home.

Tiles had to be removed and the fire crews place salvage sheets on the roof as a temporary cover until repairs can be affected.

A Humberside Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "It appears that the occupants will have to move out of the home until the local council can visit the premises to inspect the damage with a view to starting repair work."

A working smoke alarm alerted the occupants to the fire.

"The fire was started accidentally, probably an electrical fault was to blame," said spokesman Glenn Ramsden, who added: "A tragic story at any time of year but especially close to the festive period.

"Thankfully the working smoke alarm drew attention to the problem and crews were able to focus on firefighting as soon as they arrived with no worry of having to search for the occupants."

Dave Hopkin Tribute

Tributes have been paid to a retired village police officer and founder of an amateur football club.

David Hopkin died of stomach cancer at his home in Bransholme, aged 54. The father-of-four was diagnosed with cancer in March.

Despite intensive treatment, the disease spread to his lungs and lymph nodes. His heartbroken family described him as a "true gentleman". Mr Hopkin retired from Humberside Police three years ago after serving as a police constable for 30 years.

During that time, he received many commendations for his work, which included undercover operations and work as an exhibits officer. He was also on the beat in Skirlaugh for many years.

Skirlaugh Hit With Electricity Problems

Electricity problems return to the village today after several small power cuts called "Auto Re-Closure". Early this afternooon three power outages and one just moments ago at 7pm resulted in loss of power to Skirlaugh all be it for several seconds.

The Village website contacted YEDL and they are currently on site locating the fault which could be caused by wildlife and birds flying in to the overhead power lines. Anyone wishing to contact YEDL regarding the current problems can do so on 0800 375675.

Replacement Vicar Found For Mr Perry

A Priest-in-Charge has been appointed for Skirlaugh with Long Riston, Rise and Swine. The following announcement, issued by the Bishop, was read in the churches in our parishes on Sunday 27th July. “The Reverend Christopher John Simmons, Vicar of Pocklington and Owsthorpe and Kilnwick Percy with Great Givendale and Millington & Priest-in-Charge of Burnby, Hayton, Huggate, Londesborough, Nunburnholme and Shiptonthorpe has been appointed to the post of
Priest-in- Charge of Skirlaugh with Long Riston, Rise and Swine. This appointment is made subject to the necessary Criminal Records Bureau disclosure. Mr Simmons is to be Licensed in Skirlaugh by the Bishop of Hull at 7.30pm on Monday 10th November, 2008”
We congratulate Chris Simmons on his appointment and look forward to him taking up his new post in November. A personal message from Chris will be in the next newsletter.

Skirlaugh Plunge For Charity

Sarah Cawthorn from Skirlaugh is to take a 10,000ft plunge to raise money for a charity close to her heart.
Just a year ago the 24-year-old was diagnosed with lupus – a disease that affects the body's immune system. After struggling for many months to come to terms with the diagnosis and getting to grips with the fact there is still no known cure for the disease, Sarah decided to take a positive leap.
She signed up to do a parachute jump for charity Lupus UK.
The challenge will see her descend from an aeroplane for almost two miles before reaching the ground.


“I was going through a pretty bad patch and I was in denial about the diagnosis.
“I was struggling to come to terms with the fact I had lupus when one day I just thought 'enough is enough'.
“I was determined to turn something negative into something very positive.
“I thought about what would be best, what would really get people interested in sponsoring me and what would be the biggest challenge personally.
“Being afraid of heights and absolutely petrified of flying I can't think of anything tougher.
“I am looking forward to the help the money I raise will offer, but at the same time I'm quite scared of doing the jump.”
Sarah has already raised £100 in sponsorship for the jump, which is due to take place over Bridlington on October 4.

To sponsor her, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.