Enterprise Inns Decline to Comment

Today Enterprise Inns declined to comment on the recent events regarding the Duke of York Public house. An email was sent to themselves to try and get some answers on the closure for the second time in as many years of the Pub. The email was returned unread and deleted. This just goes to show that Enterprise Inns don't really give any regard for anything apart from making money. We now ask Enterprise Inns to come forward and make an announcement to the people of Skirlaugh as they deserve better.

Skirlaugh Play Equipment

The committee are please to announce that planning permission has finally been given to erect four new pieces of equipment in the north east corner of the field (the area of the old equipment). Fund raising and funding applications are constantly being pursued and, after the latest generous donation of £5,000 from Awards for All, we are only £12,000 short of the £50,000 needed to complete the project. All donations towards our goal would, of course, be gratefully received by any of the committee members. We would also be very interested to meet new committee members wishing to join the team. It would be nice to see some people on the committee with younger children, who will benefit from the play equipment that is soon to be erected.

600 Years Old

Celebrations will take place in the village this year to mark the 600th anniversary of St Augustine's Church. The place of worship was built six centuries ago. One of the events taking place is a flower festival. The theme will be Through The Years, with arrangements depicting important historical events that have taken place in England. The flower festival will be held over the second weekend of June.

Bingo Win for Villager

A pensioner who started playing bingo to keep his wife company has scooped more than £52,000 at the Astoria Club in east Hull. The 71-year-old man from Skirlaugh shared the National Bingo Game prize of £100,000 with a man from London. He also won a regional prize of £2,062 after calling house in 40 numbers, the lowest call in 500 clubs playing nationwide.

KC Broadband Set to Roll Out

Kingston Communications has today revealed details of exciting new plans to rollout its Broadband network to 13 East Yorkshire villages. The local telecomms company and ISP will be the first to extend its Broadband network to villages that have been largely ignored by BT. According to reports from KC work is due to start in March this year.

Wheely Good Proposal

A bride-to-be took advantage of the leap year by popping the question on Europe's biggest Ferris wheel.
Jane Waddingham, 29, got down on one knee as the wheel turned at Fantasy Island, near Cleethorpes, in Lincolnshire, yesterday. Miss Waddingham was rewarded with a reply of acceptance and a warm embrace from her new fiancee, Craig Leak.
"Craig says I'm not romantic so I thought I'd propose to him on a Ferris wheel," she said.
"Somebody said it was a leap year so I thought why not?"

Computer Equipment Stolen Again!

Residents in rural areas have been left without their mobile library's IT service after a fleet of vehicles was damaged. Burglars broke into a council compound at Skirlaugh, near Leven, and smashed their way into four travelling libraries. More than a dozen computers and eight flat-screen monitors, worth about £10,000, were stolen from the vehicles.
Although books were untouched, the theft of equipment prevents the well-used service offering East Riding villages a public IT connection.
Alan Moir, East Riding Council's library, museums and archives manager, said: "The public is now suffering because of this incident.
"For a lot of the areas we serve, this is a key service and people look forward to using it."
The theft took place at the Skirlaugh depot, off the main A165 road in the village, between 8.30pm on Friday and 7am on Monday.
The thieves broke through an 8ft wooden fence that surrounds the site, then smashed windows and ripped doors off the libraries, which were not alarmed.
Fourteen base unit PCs were taken, in addition to the flat screens.
It is thought the burglars may have used a car parked nearby to carry away the goods.
Although there was some disruption to the library schedule on Monday, when it was due to visit Hutton Cranswick, near Driffield, and Thorngumbald, near Hedon, and Tuesday morning, the service is now back on the road and vehicles are being reglazed.
Three of the units broken into were the council's award- winning new "travelling libraries", costing up to £95,000, which spend a number of hours each day in locations such as North Cave and Brandesburton, near Hornsea. These included one delivered just two weeks ago
A spokesman for Humberside Police said: "These libraries are depended on by residents and are a valuable community facility, not only in educational terms but also in social ways.
"The public can help us go some way to putting things right by helping catch those responsible."
Anyone with information about the incident should call Beverley police on (01482) 597886.

Thank You Steve Bone

The Playing Field Committee would like to thank Steve Bone, who has recently resigned from the Committee, for all his help over the past 10 years and also for the assistance he is still giving us with the new project.