January 2017 agenda


Meeting of Skirlaugh Parish Council, to be held on Wednesday 4th January 2017 at 7.30 p.m. in Church Cottage






1.         Open forum


2.         Apologies for absence


3.         To receive declarable pecuniary interest dispensation requests


4.         To receive declarations of interest


5.         To agree the order of the agenda


6.         To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 7th December 2016 - attached




7.         To dispose of business remaining from the previous meeting


            (a)        Casual vacancies


            (b)        Taskforce works


            (c)        LPP scheme review


            (d)        Other matters remaining from previous meetings




8.         To set a precept for 2017-2018




9.         To consider planning applications and resolve to approve or refuse


            (a)        Plans passed:  16/03496, outline dwelling, 5 Panama Drive


                                                16/03347, Access at Providence House


            (b)        Other plans




10.       To consider highways and grounds maintenance matters


            (a)        Churchyard tree survey


            (b)        Jubilee Wood, clearing around trees


            (c)        Taskforce survey


            (c)        Other grounds maintenance matters




11.       To receive correspondence


            (a)        ERYC correspondence:         Neighbourhood planning newsletter


                                                                        Open space planning document


                                                                        Other ERYC correspondence


            (b)        Other correspondence




12.       To receive reports from committee representatives


13.       To authorise payment of accounts


14.       To agree the date of the next meeting  -  1st February 2017




Sara Towne, clerk


30th December 2016