Joint Burial Committee - minutes February 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Skirlaugh & Ellerby Joint Burial Committee held on 3rd February 2016.


Present:  Cllr. Large (in the chair), Cllrs. Beaumont, Corden, McDonald, Wilson. (Skirlaugh); Cllrs. Blogg, Lock (Ellerby).  Rev. A. Simpson. 

1.         The minutes of the meeting held on 7th October 2015, having previously been circulated, were taken as read and signed. 

2.         Matters Arising from the Minutes

(a)        Plot markers: The markers need to be taken up and moved to the next row. Allan Dawson is no longer the handyman for Skirlaugh, so this job and keeping the grass around the cremated remains plaques has not been done. 

(b)       Cracked headstone: the family of Graham Anderson has taken up this matter with their stonemason.

(c)        Cllr. Blogg will spray the weeds on the gravel path when the fallen leaves have dispersed and the weather is suitable.          

3.         Burials

One burial in a double plot (Elizabeth Large)

Second burial in a double plot (Nancy Pearman)

One burial in a single plot (Lottie Martin) 

4.         Review of Headstone Regulations

The clerk queried whether a requirement for stones to be to NAMM standard should be stated in the regulations. 

5.         Allotments

All the allotments appear to be satisfactorily maintained. 

6.         Burial Ground Maintenance

(a)        Headstone out of alignment: The stone for Geoffrey Foston has been fixed by a company from Lincolnshire, but is slightly out of alignment.  The clerk spoke to the family and they have contacted the mason to ask him to refix the stone.

(b)       The hedge adjacent to the cremated remains area needs trimming back and the grass needs cutting.

(c)        Cllr. Large arranged for low branches to be pruned at a cost of £25.

(d)       John Naylor will be asked to attend to dead branches in a large tree on the boundary of the churchyard which overhang the burial ground. 

7.         To Review Scale of Fees

Fees have not been increased since 2011.

·         Resolved that the fees should be increased by 5%, to the nearest whole pound, with effect from 1st April 2016.


8.         Review of Clerk's Salary

·         Resolved that the Clerk's salary should be adjusted to be on the same basis as the salary paid by Skirlaugh Parish Council..

9.         Correspondence Received

(a)        Autela Payroll Services: confirmation required regarding appointment of Autela as pension auto enrolment administrator. 

10.       Sanctioning of Paid Accounts 

Opening balance at 7th October 2015                                                            2886.42 


Burials (Large, Pearman, Martin)                               555.00                                                                                                           


Yorkshire Water                                                          14.45                                                

Balance in hand 3rd February 2016                                                                3426.97

 ·         Resolved that payment of these accounts is sanctioned.                                        

 11.       Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 1st June 2016 at 7.00 p.m. in Church Cottage.