Parish council minutes, November 2016

Present:  Cllr. Frost (in the chair), Cllrs. Atkinson, Hakeney, Large, McDonald, Wilson. 

Apologies: Cllrs. Beaumont, Corden, Phelan.  Absent:  Cllr. Pearce. 

1.         Open Forum:  there were two members of the public present. 

2.         Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests

·         Cllr. McDonald declared a pecuniary interest in item 4c, discussion on Garden Centre planning application for siting of caravans. 

3.         The minutes of the meeting held on 5th October 2016, having previously been circulated, were taken as read.

·         Resolved that the minutes should be approved and signed. 

4.         Matters Arising from the Minutes

(a)        Casual vacancy: the previous expression of interest has been withdrawn.  The previous advert will be repeated in the newsletter.

(b)       Committee representatives: Cllr. Corden wishes to give up his other responsibilities, apart from the website.  Cllr. Frost will deal with severe weather matters and the Christmas tree.  Cllr. Atkinson will continue with environmental and emergency plan.  Cllr. Hakeney will take over road and path repair issues.

(c)        Caravan site planning application:  ERYC replied that the application had been decided by a special delegated meeting and would only be referred to the full committee if consultees stated that they have strongly held views or referral is requested.  Cllr. Atkinson will check with Cllr. Holtby whether he was aware of these points. 

·         Resolved that the Clerk will write again to ERYC asking when the change occurred in the method of determining applications to which objections have been received and what is their definition of strongly held views.

(d)       Website: the clerk now has access to the village website and can upload documents directly.  Cllr. Corden is aiming to make improvements to the site.

(e)        Traffic issues: Further to ERYC's response to the request for a pedestrian crossing on the A165, ERYC will be asked what their parameters are for conducting a survey as the parish council may consider requesting this.

ERYC's reply stated that they are prepared to assess traffic speed on Benningholme Lane, however once done a further review will not be carried out for five years.  In view of this it was decided to wait until the new housing development is occupied.

(f)        Taskforce works: The wooden direction sign on Church Lane has not been repaired or replaced.  Clerk to ask when the works on the schedules will be undertaken.

(g)       Severe weather: Cllr. Frost has spoken with Tony Cook's regarding storage of salt.  It may be necessary for this to be moved elsewhere.  Kemp's have provided a quote for filling salt bins, care of equipment and spreading salt.  Cllr. Frost has printed the severe weather leaflet.

(h)       Christmas tree: Cllr. Frost has arranged for supply and erection of tree and checking of lighting by an electrician.  Cllr. Frost has printed the carol sheet.

(i)         Council Offices lighting: the lights have been seen to be on during the evening on occasion.  Cllr. Hakeney will monitor this.

5.         Planning Applications

(a)        Plan passed: 16/02664, stable block, Bracken Hill.

(b)       16/03405, single storey extension, 27 Benningholme Lane. No comments.

 6.         Highways and Grounds Maintenance

(a)        Clock: the time has not yet adjusted.  Clerk to find out when Cumbria Clock Co. will next service the clock.  ERYC will be asked if they can service the clock.

 7.         Correspondence Received

(a)        ERYC:                        Rough sleeper survey

                                    Budget event, 24th November

(b)       Defibrillator: information regarding problem with Lifepak defibrillators.

(c)        Red Cross family reunion appeal.

(d)       Village Hall: request for funding for Party in the Park 2017.  This will be discussed at the next meeting when the precept will be decided.

 8.         Reports from Committee Representatives

Cllr. Wilson reported on the Village Hall committee.

Cllr. Large reported on the Playing Field committee. 

9.         Payment of Accounts

            Mrs. S. Towne                                    350.89             October salary

        Tony Cook                              540.00             Grass cutting churchyard, Jubilee Wood

            E.R. Yorkshire Band               150.00             Christmas tree event, S137

            ERYC                                        55.00             Jubilee Wood lease

            W. P. Everingham                  360.00             Cleaning war memorial

            SLCC                                        62.00             Subscription

            J. Naylor                                 150.00             Cutting playing field

            Mr. T. Frost                             260.00             Printing leaflets

 ·         Resolved that in accordance with its powers under Sections 137/139 of the LGA 1972, the expenditure for the ERYB to play at the Christmas tree lighting event is incurred which, in the opinion of the Council, is in the interests of the inhabitants and will benefit them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure.           

 ·         Resolved that payment of these accounts is approved.

 10.       Date of Next Meeting


Wednesday 7th December 2016 at 7.30 p.m. in Church Cottage.