Churchyard grounds maintenance committee

Minutes of the Meeting of the Church Grounds Maintenance Committee held on 2nd November 2016


Present:  Cllrs. Atkinson and Large, Mrs. C. Crumpton

Apologies: Rev. Simpson. 

1.         The minutes of the meeting held on 7th September 2016, having been previously circulated, were taken as read and signed.

2.         Matters Arising from the Minutes

(a)        Co-option of Rev. Simpson:

·         Resolved that Rev. Simpson is co-opted to the committee

(b)       Terms of reference: the parish council has agreed that a quorum should be two.

(c)        Plan of churchyard: it was not possible to make a larger copy of the plan.

(d)       Grounds maintenance: the work on the poplar tree has not yet been done.  Clerk to contact Pete Bowser.  Tony Cook's has not yet cut the area to the north side of the church.

(e)        The clerk queried the invoices from Tony Cook's for £25, cutting of the burial ground on a fortnightly basis.  It was thought the £25 charge was for cutting the wildlife area and the burial ground was included as part of the whole of the churchyard cutting cost.   Cllr. Large will check this with Cook's.

4.         Grounds Maintenance Work

(a)        John Naylor will clear the ground alongside the iron fencing.

(b)       Several graves in the churchyard need levelling.  There are some graves covered by an overgrown tree which needs cutting back.

(c)        Cllr. Large will remove the padlock from the shed.

 5.         Date of Next Meeting


Wednesday 1st March 2017, unless an earlier meeting is necessary.