January 2017 minutes


Minutes of the Meeting of Skirlaugh Parish Council held on 4th January 2017




Present:  Cllr. Frost (in the chair), Cllrs. Beaumont, Hakeney, McDonald, Wilson. 


Apologies: Cllrs. Atkinson, Corden, Phelan.  Absent Cllr. Large


 1.         The minutes of the meeting held on 7th December 2016, having previously been circulated, were taken as read.


·         Resolved that the minutes should be approved and signed.


 2.         Matters Arising from the Minutes


(a)        Casual vacancies: no enquiries received.  The advert will be repeated in the newsletter, if possible half or full page in colour.  Posters to be printed for display


(b)       Taskforce works: Mike Peeke has returned comments on various issues.  Some cannot be addressed and others will be undertaken in the new financial year.  The drain grille near the Sun Inn still becomes blocked as the sweeper is obstructed by a lamppost.  Clerk to report this to Mike Peeke. 


(c)        LPP scheme: ERYC replied that they will cut PRoW 2-3 times a year, but the parish council can use its own funds for additional work.  Clerk to ask if a schedule of cutting will be available.


(d)       The ERYC planning officer has passed the parish council's comments about planning responses to the Development Services Manager.


 3.         Planning Applications


(a)        Plans passed: 16/03496, outline dwelling 5 Panama Drive


                                    16/03347, access at Providence House


 4.         Highways and Grounds Maintenance


(a)        Churchyard tree survey: Cllr. Atkinson had arranged for a survey to be carried out at a cost of £164.00.  The report indicated no trees require immediate urgent work and are in good health, but several trees will require attention in the future.  The cost of these works must be taken into consideration when budgeting for the precept.


(b)       Jubilee Wood: TCV will clear around trees at the end of January.


(c)        Taskforce survey: Cllr. McDonald to complete satisfaction survey.


 5.         Precept 2017-2018


It was felt that the precept should be increased for the next few years to build up reserves in order to pay for tree works required in the churchyard.


·         Resolved that the precept for 2017-2018 is £22000.


 6.         Correspondence Received


(a)        ERYC:   Neighbourhood planning newsletter


                        Adoption of Open Space Planning Document


 7.         Reports from Committee Representatives


No report from the village hall committee.


Playing Field: John Naylor has indicated he will continue to cut the field and clear the ditch as last year.



8.         Payment of Accounts


            Joint Burial Committee                       126.00             Repay burial fees       


            Mrs. S. Towne                                                350.89             December salary


            Mark Feather                                      164.00             Tree survey


·         Resolved that payment of these accounts is approved.


·         Agreed that a new printer should be purchased as the present one is unreliable.




9.         Date of Next Meeting


Wednesday 1st February 2017 at 7.30 pm in Church Cottage.